About Us

With over 25 years experience in the wedding video industry, we pride our videos on our creative and unobtrusive camera style. We do not approach the guests at their tables asking for interviews and we do not use unnecessary lighting throughout the affair.

Our approach is to remain “low key” and shoot in a cinematic style. We believe it is the Videographers job to “document” and not “direct” the wedding day. Our work is total video journalism. Please compare our camera work to other Videographers. You will notice a difference in style and composition.

Trust is a common issue when hiring a wedding vendor. 2022 begins my 30th year of filming weddings.  I have been lucky to have a few notable people trust me with their family wedding video memories.

  • Fashion Designer Kenneth Cole and his wife Maria Cuomo hired me to film their daughter Emily’s wedding video.  Maria is also a documentary filmmaker so it was an honor they chose me to film the wedding.
  • Bon Jovi’s brother’s wedding. Matt is Jon’s personal bodyguard and knows many video producers so it was an honor he chose me to film his wedding. This led to me filming a number of Bon Jovi’s personal events.
  • Brian Kirk from Brian Kirk and the Jirks in addition to many of his band members.
  • Howard Cross of the NY Giants
  • Freddy Myer of the Philadelphia Flyers
  • Dave Strevens and his wife Kate:  MTV/VH1 producer
  • Chris Kozcan and his wife Jackie:  MTV/VH1 producer
  • Jason Jani:  Owner of SCE (April 2023 Wedding). Jason is a leader in the DJ industry and knows many talented wedding filmmakers and I’m honored he chose me to film his wedding.