What is your payment plan and how long will it take to receive my video?
We require a $1,500 non-refundable retainer to secure the date.  The balance is due when the video is in the process of being edited (approximately 1-8 months but usually in the 3–5-month range).  While most video companies demand full payment before the wedding, we collect the final balance after the event.  We find this payment plan is more beneficial to the client and it insures we are more motivated to edit your film.
Have you filmed at my venue before?
The quality of your video is never decided by if we are familiar with a venue or not.  We have filmed at many venues for the first time and some of those videos are featured on our website.
What is a 'Linear edit of the ceremony and reception'?
We film the ceremony in its entirety, and it is included in the package.  For example, if you have an hour-long Catholic Mass, the total run time on the video may be approximately 50 minutes (We don’t film 200 guests taking Communion).  If you have an outdoor 30-minute Ceremony, you will have close to a 30-minute Ceremony on your video.

For the reception, we film the introductions, formal dances, and toasts in their entirety.  We also film fun party dancing.  The total run time for the reception can typically be 40 minutes to 90 minutes.

While many video companies offer the Linear Ceremony and Reception edits as an additional charge, we include them in the package.

Have you worked with our Photographer?
Being familiar with a photographer is not necessary.  Some of my best work is created the first time working with a photographer. Many featured videos on my website are weddings filmed with a photographer I met on the wedding day.
How is the video delivered?
The video is delivered digitally via an online platform.  It is encouraged that all the videos are then downloaded to multiple hard drives.